Jonathan Griffith - Fork's Pike Pottery

Blue Cannister by Jonathan GriffithJonathan Griffith lives near Murfreesboro and works out of a studio behind his house. After earning a BFA in sculpture, he pursued teaching certification and instructs clay, photography, and sculpture at Oakland High School. He says that “continually making work and connecting with local artists helps [him] be a more productive and informed teacher.”

Although his educational background is in metal sculpture, he has worked with clay for the past 8 years.

“I became more interested in clay after college, bought a wheel and a kiln, and started work in my basement.”

Most of his work is functional, and he enjoys the fact that people use his art in every day life. Other than clay, he works in photography. He has been published in magazines and won several awards from the National Speleological Society for his images of caves.

Mammouth Caves“Images define who we are and in some ways change the way we interpret and communicate, for this reason people never forget images. We hold and draw from them at different times.”



Individually crafted pottery

clay pottery by Jonathan Griffith

(left) Vessel (center) Lidded Jar (right) Green Cannister. All work copyright © Jonathan Griffith

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